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Update Three

Our first training day is 24/1/2014. We will be focusing on Speech/Language and Communication.

Our trainer for the morning is Wendy Lee, Professional Director at the Communication Trust.
Below is some information on Wendy.

Wendy believes in the importance of communication; in particular, that children are supported to communicate to the very best of their ability.
As a professional director, she works in collaboration with a range of national organisations. She is responsible for ensuring complex information about speech, language and communication is presented in a clear and accessible way and works to join up issues across policy, evidence and practice. 
She has expertise supporting children with speech, language and communication needs across the age range; she has developed models of practice, evidence based interventions and a range of written published materials, web content and press articles.

We are extremely fortunate to have Wendy work with us at Shafton as she speaks across the country and has a busy schedule. Our aim is for Wendy to support us in making our classroom communication friendly with a wealth of resources and then to look at interventions which would be suitable for us to use with our children. 

Effective speech, language and communication is an important skill and we aim to ensure our children receive the support they need at any stage of their education with us. 

The following video will show you the difficulties some children have.

YouTube Video

If you want more information then the link below will be useful and is in an accessible format.