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Shafton Primary Academy Admissions Arrangements for Academic Year 2015/16.

These arrangements are established in accordance with Annex 1 of the Academy’s Supplemental Funding Agreement.

Academies Enterprise Trust is the Admissions Authority for the academy.

Admission number

Shafton Primary Academy has an agreed Published Admission Number (PAN) of 40 pupils for entry in Year Reception. The Academy will accordingly admit at least 40 pupils in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received. All applicants will be admitted if 40 or fewer apply.

Oversubscription criteria

If the Academy is oversubscribed, after the admission of pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs where the school is named in the Statement. Priority for admission will be given to those children who meet the criteria set out below, in priority order:

1.    Looked after children and previously looked after children. 

A looked after child is a child who is (a) in the care of a local authority or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions (see definition in section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989). A previously looked after child is a child who was adopted or subject to a residence order, or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after.


2.    Children with brothers and/or sisters attending the academy on the proposed date of admission.

For the sibling criteria to be applicable one of the following conditions must exist:

a)    Brother and/or sister to be permanently resident at the same address;

b)    Stepbrother and/or stepsister to be permanently resident at the same address (to include half brothers/sisters)


3.    Children living nearest to the academy; the distance to be measured by a straight line between the centre point of the child’s ordinary place of residence and the main entrance to the academy building.

The child’s ordinary place of residence will be deemed to be a residential property at which the person or persons with parental responsibility for the child resides at the closing date for receiving applications for admission to the academy.


Where parental responsibility is held by more than one person and those persons reside in separate properties, the child’s ordinary place of residence will be deemed to be that property at which the child resides for the greater part of the week including weekends.


Tie breaker

If it is necessary to use a tie-breaker to distinguish between two or more applications, a distance criterion will be used. We will give priority to the applicants who live nearest to the school as measured by a straight line from the front door of the home of the applicant to the front door of the main reception of the school site that was on the original application for a place.

Operation of waiting lists

Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the coordinated admission scheme, the Academy will operate a waiting list.

A waiting list will be established for the academy where the number of applications has exceeded the places available in the relevant year group.

The waiting list will be established on the offer day and be maintained up to the end of the autumn term in the admission year.

The waiting list is determined according to the admission oversubscription criteria.

Following the offer day should an application be received for the academy where the pupil had a higher priority, as determined by the admissions criteria, they will be placed on the waiting list above those with a lower priority.


Parents who wish to appeal against the decision of the Admissions Authority to refuse their child a place in the academy may apply in writing to the AET Board of Directors at the following address:

Academies Enterprise Trust Board of Directors

4th floor,

24 Eversholt St,



Appeals will be heard by an independent panel.

Additional Information

Going to a new school is a very important step for your child. We want to make the process of applying for a school place as easy as possible for all parents and carers.

You can Apply online for your child's admission (at the moment, online applications can only be made for children starting primary or secondary school for the first time).

Applications for a September Reception place at Shafton Primary Academy should be made to Barnsley Local Authority under their coordinated admission scheme. Places for in-year admissions should also be made direct to Barnsley Local Authority. They will send you an admissions form, once this document has been completed, please return to them and they will coordinate a place for you. You are welcome to contact the school but we cannot offer you a place directly.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Shafton Primary Academy directly. We will be happy to advise you.

For information regarding the Barnsley Local Authority admissions process, follow this link where various documents and guidance are available.

The information on these pages is intended to guide you through the school admission and transfer process. Please contact us if you have any questions on 01226 773689 / 773677 / 773588 / 773502 or via email at