E-Safety Policy

Try these websites for further information and try some of the online safety games:

Beat Bullying - Let’s stop it now

CEOP - The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Childline - Someone to talk to all day and all night
Childnet International - the smart rules for going online
Digizen - What makes a good Digizen?
Kidsmart - Safety tips for kids
Think U Know - Do you know how to stay safe online, find out!
Who is hosting this? - A fantastic E-Safety guide for parents

Primary Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement / E-safety Rules

Children have been looking at a video showing them the importance of staying safe when using the Internet. They can tell their friends what to do to stay safe online.

Alfie Blackwell told us that you should never give out your name and address.
Gracie told us not to tell anyone online your secrets.
Jack told us to tell an adult if you are worried.