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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

                         We are a lively and enthusiastic class who always try our best to work together as a team.

Miss Roberts and Miss Smith

Useful information

Please practise reading daily at home and please support your child with their weekly spellings.  Your child will have a weekly spelling test.  This will take place on a Monday and your child will be tested the following Monday on the new spellings given.  

Can you please make sure your child’s name is inside all items of their uniform and their PE kit.  Children need an indoor PE kit (shorts and t-shirt) and an outdoor PE kit (warm tracksuit and trainers).  These should be brought into school on a Monday morning.  

Remember to use Espresso at home. 
Your login details can be found in the front of your reading diary.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is the UK's leading educational digital content company.  It is available for parents and children to use at home. The aim is to transform learning at home by providing high-quality educational resources.  Espresso Primary is an easy-to-use and constantly growing library of digital educational resources. Everything on Espresso supports the National Curriculum and the classroom work which we do here a Shafton Primary.  Children can log on to this resource at home by using their log in details given to them by their teacher.  

Homes from the past




World Book Day

Our reading area


The Rainbow Fish


Making biscuits


Making our Scarecrow

What fun we all had designing and making our scarecrow.  We worked really hard as a team to make it; we had never made one before.  We displayed it outside of school with all the other scarecrows our school had made.  
They were on display for the children and the community to look at.  He is now inside school on display for everyone to see.


Phonics support

What is the phonic screening check?

The National phonic screening check is a statutory assessment that was introduced in 2012 to all year 1 pupils and is a quick 

and easy check of your child’s phonic knowledge.  It takes place each year during June.

What is in the phonic screening check?

It comprises of a list of 40 words and nonsense words. It will assess phonic skills and knowledge learnt through reception and 

year 1. Your child will read 1-1 with a teacher. It will be your child’s current teacher so it is a familiar face. Your child will read

up to 4 words per page and they will probably do the check in 10-15 minutes. They will be asked to ‘sound out’ a word and blend

sounds together. (The check is very similar to tasks the children already complete during phonics lessons.) 

How can I help my child?

There are a number of things that parents can do to support early reading development:

·         Let your child see you enjoy reading yourself. They are influenced by you and what you do!

·         Immerse your child in a love of reading.    Make time for your child to read their school book to you.

·         With all books, encourage your child to ‘sound out’ unfamiliar words and then blend form left to right.

·         Use the attached resources.  There are many phonic games for children to access on the computer. 

Percy the Park Keeper

What great fun we had building a den for Percy the Park Keeper and the animals.  We worked together as a team to collect all the materials.  Then some of us looked at the different story books all about him and the animals.


Roald Dahl Day - Celebrating 100 years.     

Image result for roald dahl    


In Year 1 we looked at lots of the story books from the author Roald Dahl.  We watched the BFG then we wrote a character description about him. Next we wrote about what our own dream jar would be like and the dreams we like to have.  Later in the afternoon we went outside to make a dream jar with our partner.  We had so much fun!  

Our work in on display in the classroom.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Image result for BFG