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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3, Our Teacher is Miss Hall.  
General Information 
PE days:               Thursday(outdoor) and Friday (Swimming)
Spellings Test:       Friday 
Homework:            Given out Friday 
                               Due in Wednesday 
Summer term:       18th April - 26th May 
                               12th June - 21st July 
Summer Term 
This term our topic is Our school and the local area. 
Here are a few photos we will be using to study our local area.  Look how things have changed!


Our science topic is plants.
We will be conducting experiments to find out what plants need to survive and how water travels through a plant.
Watch this space for photos!

Spring Term 

 World Book Day!
We had a fantastic day on world book day!
Sharing stories talking about our favourite characters and books and we even wrote a blurb and designed a front cover for our own stories.
Take a look at some of our fantastic costumes!



Our history topic is Egypt.   We have already begun to enjoy our new area, 
dressing up and finding out more about the ancient Egyptians! 


We have created some Egyptian artwork and love finding out new things to add to our Egypt Area in our Classroom!  We have made our own Egyptian tombs, complete with tinfoil mummies wrapped in toilet tissue to give them an authentic look! We even mummified some of the children! We have really enjoyed this topic!


Our reading corner is a popular area of the classroom, 
We love going wild for our books in our Jungle themed reading area! 

Each child has a monkey character which they use to race up the tree!. When children read a whole book at home, or read three times in a week, they move to the next marker. When they get all the way to the top of the tree they receive a special price for working so hard!  

Children who are 'Free readers' are able to choose their own books from our reading corner. 
We are currently reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  as our class shared story. 

When your child's reading book needs changing, please remind them to put it in the basket and Miss Hall or Mrs Grace will change it for them. 

In PE we have been learning about gymnastics, we have learnt different types of rolls, balances and travelling. We put them together to form a sequence. Some of us worked in pairs to create a balance. Some of use worked alone. We practised our sequences and begun using apparatus. 


We are now having Swimming lessons in Year 3. Our Swimming Day is Friday Please ensure your child brings their swimming kit every week.

Take a look at some photos of our learning environment:
here are some of our interactive displays, if we finish our work, we have the opportunity to learn independently about a topic we've been learning about in class.



Autumn term

Take a look at some of our  learning from the autumn term.  We loved learning about the Stone age and have really enjoyed sharing the story 'Stig of the dump'. 


Another of our favourites from the autumn term was Volcanos. We have been fascinated with this topic, and have really enjoyed learning about how and why volcanos erupt. We used  Paper Mache to make our own volcanos and erupted them using vinegar, baking powder and food colouring!  


We painted our volcanos using poster paint. We used black and white to create grey for the igneous rock on the side. We used red and yellow for the lava. We then made them erupt using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and some food colouring!