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Year 5

Y5 WELCOME Miss A Spencer

In Year 5 we have to work very hard! The curriculum is demanding but we have lots of fun too.
Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday - we need indoor and outdoor PE kits for both.
Homework is given out on Thursday and needs to be handed in by Wednesday of the following week.
We also have a spelling test every Monday and our new spellings are given out on the same day.


Reading is REALLY important in our class. Children are expected to read at least 3 times per week at home to an adult.
Reading to someone else is different from reading to ourselves - we have to use expression, take notice of the
punctuation and understand what we're reading. There is a Reading League in the classroom. If a child reads 3 times in a
week to an adult at home and this is recorded in their Reading Record, their name moves up the chart. Every time a child
reaches World Cup Reader, they can choose a prize out of the treasure box.

Science - Forces
In Science we have investigated forces including air resistance and friction. We have also learnt about
Isaac Newton and his work on Gravity.



Geography - Rivers

The children can tell you all about the course of a river. It starts at the source and runs towards the mouth.
Along the way there can be different features including meanders, waterfalls and a delta.


             We made models of rivers and labelled them.

History - Parliament

Our History topic this term has been about Parliament. The children have been learning about what an

MP is, the difference between the House of Commons and the House of Lords and women's suffrage.

We had a (singing) march round school with our own suffragette banners to our class Polling Station.

Every child cast a vote to decide who would be the Register Monitor. The votes were carefully counted

before the result was announced!