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Year 6

Hello and welcome from the Y6 teaching team.  Our team is made up of me (Mrs Stephenson), Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Grace.  I will be with the class all the time and will be teaching all the Foundation subjects such as History and Geography, and the core subjects English and Maths.  Mrs Hemingway is with us in the morning until break time, she will be team teaching Maths alongside me.  Mrs Grace who is a specialist Y6 Teaching  Assistant will be in supporting at different times during the week. 


Wednesday - Spelling Test and Homework due

Tuesday - PE.  Please ensure that your child brings their outdoor and indoor PE kits.

Friday - Homework for English and Maths is set

Autumn 1

Here is some of our exciting work from this half term.  


In Science we have been learning about Electricity and making different types of circuits (Series and Parallel) and conducting experiments with bulbs.  


In History we have been learning about the Kings and Queens of England.  We have learnt the Kings and Queens song, click on the link to watch:
The children in small groups researched and produced an information poster about a significant monarch from our history, here are just a few.  


Crucial Crew
A school visit we went on this half term was Crucial Crew in Rotherham.  Crucial Crew is where the children learn about keeping safe from what to do if they are caught in a house fire, to stranger danger, to how to stay safe on the road and public transport, to what the consequences are, if you break the law.  The visit involved role play, watching videos and discussions.  The children learnt a lot from this school trip and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Autumn 2
Here is this half terms exciting learning!

As part of our shape and angles work we went outside with string and completed outdoor learning work.  We had to make shapes such as a rhombus, parallelogram, nonagon, square and trapezium.  Using our knowledge of angles we then explored angles around a point and on a straight line.


In our Science topic this half term we have been looking at light.  

Here we have created shadow objects using black card and art straws.  We cut out parts of our designs so the light would shine through.  

We looked at how periscopes work and how they have been used in the past.  We made our own periscopes using a template and mirrors.  We put our own designs on the template.

Spring 1
Here is some of our exciting learning from this half term.

This half term we have been doing gymnastics.

Creating and holding balances.

Spring 2

We have been extremely busy revising and practising for our SATs tests!  

Here is a copy of the SATs tests timetable.




Monday 8th May

English Reading

60 minutes

Tuesday 9th May

English – Grammar and Punctuation


English - Spelling

45 minutes


Approx. 15 minutes

Wednesday 10th May

Mathematics Paper 1 – Arithmetic


Mathematics Paper 2 - Reasoning

30 minutes


40 minutes

Thursday 11th May

Mathematics Paper 3 - Reasoning

40 minutes